The Resort

5 Person Hot Tub - 60 Jets

Who needs to go on vacation when you have the beautifully designed Resort ™ Hot Tub by Marquis in your own backyard? And once installed, you’ll never want to leave home sweet Peterborough again! Or add it to the cottage and…well, let’s stay Sunday night and leave the traffic woes to the others. Pour some drinks, Sunday just became Funday…with your new marquis Hot Tub!

This two-pump model delivers excellent hydrotherapy, especially to the legs. The open, multi-level seating for five features a lounge with H.O.T. Zone lumbar jets, an Adirondack-styled seat with H.O.T. Zone shoulder jets and extreme foot jets, two deep therapy seats and an entry/cool down platform. Enhance your experience with Aroma Infusions and Adagio™ audio to create a tropical Resort ™. Goodbye vacation…hello staycation!

The Resort Hot Tub
Product Specifications
Size85.5" x 85.5" x 35"
Pumps2 pumps = 320 GPM
Electrical60Hz: 240V/30A/50A
Filtration2 Filters
Water Capacity345 Gallons
Weight Dry/Full795/3637 lbs