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Why Should I Use “MYKE”


Can the MYKE products be used for organic production?

Yes. They are totally safe for plants and animals. Our products are made with 100% natural components ond have not undergone any processing, unlike chemical fertilizers. They are also OMRI-listed for organic production.

The MYKE products contain mycorrhizae, natural fungi that have been present in the soil for over 400 million years. 

Why should any be added? 

Soil disturbance by residential construction and intensive farming practices with the use of fertilizers containing pesticides and other chemical products have considerably reduced the populations of naturally occurring mycorrhizal fungi in the soil. Today, their natural presence is not significant enough to enhance plant growth.

The MYKE products contain fungi, but are not harmful to plants. How can this be explained? 

“Mycorrhiza” is the term used to describe the symbiotic relationship between mycorrhizal fungi and a plant’s root system, a relationship both parties benefit from. In parasitic relationships, on the contrary, fungi steal resources from the plant to ensure their own growth and survival. to the detriment of the plant. 

What happens if too much of a MYKE product is used on a plant? 

This would have no negative effects whatsoever. To survive, mycorrhizal fungi must colonize a plant’s root system and develop a symbiotic relationship with the plant. As the excess fungi wouldn’t have access to the root system, they would simply die without harming the plant in any way. However, we recommend that you follow the instructions on the product’s label to avoid applying unnecessary amounts of MYKE. 

How and when should a MYKE product be applied for optimal results? 

F-or optimal results, apply your MYKE product directly on the root system, or as close as possible to the roots. The best moment to use a MYKE growth enhancer is at the time of seeding or planting, 

Are phosphorus fertilizers compatible with the MYKE products?

Yes, but when using a soluble fertilizer (ie 20-20-20) with a high phosphorus rate (more than 10%),the quantity to apply is half the manufactures recommended amount.  Otherwise, its a waste of product, as mycorrhizae already increase phosphorus absorption by plants.

Why are the MYKE products a good Investment? 

Simply put, the MYKE products enhance the general health of plants and soils. Concretely. mycorrhizac will: 

• Ensure faster establishment

• Reduce watering needs

• Increase survival

• Protect against pathogens

• Increase phosphorus absorption to the detriment of blue-green algae

• Improve soil structure and prevent erosion

How long does it take before the symbiotic relationship between mycorrhizae and a plant occurs? 

It is hard to determine precisely, as the establishment of a symbiotic relationship varies depending on the type of plant. the size of the root system. how close to the roots the mycorrhizal fungi have been applied, temperature variations, etc. 

It is safe to say that the symbiosis generally begins a few days alter contact between the mycorrhizal fungi and the plant’s root system has been established. 

Are the MYKE growth enhancers compatible with all plant species? 

No, but extensive university research has proven that mycorrhizal fungi colonize 90% of all plant species.Only a few are not receptive, and those will not be negatively affected if they come into contact with mycorrhizae. 

Are MYKE products harmful to the health of animals?

No, our products are safe.  They do not contain any ingredients that are harmful to animals.  Even if ingested, our products will not harm animals in any way as they do not contain any toxic substances.